Introducing the Plugin

This is a sample WordPress blog post translated with Transifex Live.

If you haven’t tried the language picker at the bottom left corner yet, give it a try!

Did you see the URL?

It changed from to or vice versa.

The /pt-br/ after the domain name is a subdirectory created through the Transifex Live plugin. All the Brazilian Portuguese content lives under this subdirectory. (And no, you don’t have to create separate pages or posts for each language.)

Having separate language subdirectories make your site more SEO-friendly, in turn helping your site rank in global search engines.

Language subdirectories work with all types of WordPress content, including Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, Author pages, and more.

So if you click on the Categories in the right sidebar, the tags at the bottom of this post, or read any other blog post, you’ll notice the same /pt-br/ following the domain name.

And if you’d rather use subdomains, e.g., the plugin supports that too!

Pretty cool, eh? Check out the plugin and make your WordPress site multilingual:

translate all the things